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村田勇気 無観客個展「A-SCRIBE」






Sculpture(“Skelh”=切る)と隣り合う概念として、Scribe(”Skreybh”=引っ掻く、傷をつける)に着目した村田は、派生語 ”Inscribe”, “Describe”, “Circumscribe” を主題にしたトリロジーを、彼の出身である富山県内の三つのスペースで展開していましたが、突如闖入したイレギュラーを”Ascribe”というテーマで迎え入れ、この未曾有の危機に抵抗します。







会期: 2020年 4月17日(金) - 5月17日(日)

閉館時間: 0:00 - 24:00

会場: ギャラリー無量

住所: 〒932-0315 富山県砺波市庄川町示野233

電話番号: 0763-82-2214

休館日: 月~日

入館: 禁止




Twitter: @murataart

Instagram: @murataart



MURATA YUKI's solo exhibition "A-SCRIBE" without audience


"SCRIBE" is a series of solo exhibitions planned and organized by sculptor MURATA YUKI at the Nishida Museum of Art, Toyama City Museum of Glass, and Gallery Muryow.

Although "CIRCUM-SCRIBE (Gallery Muryow)" which is the last chapter was scheduled to be opened on April 17, in view of the emergency declaration issued by the influence of the new type coronavirus, the solo exhibition is postponed indefinitely, and the solo exhibition without audience, chapter 2.1 "A-SCRIBE" which completely changed the plan is hurriedly planned, and is held at the same venue and the same session with the restriction of all entrance prohibitions.


MURATA YUKI (1991-) is an up-and-coming sculptor who has received numerous awards and recognition while a student at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and has been showing his work energetically both in Japan and abroad.

Seizing on Sculpture ("Skelh" = cut) and Scribe ("Skreybh" = scratch) as neighbouring concepts, MURATA had developed a trilogy of derivatives "Inscribe", "Describe" and "Circumscribe" in three spaces in his native Toyama Prefecture, but resisted this unprecedented crisis by welcoming a sudden intrusion of irregularities with the theme of "Ascribe".


Continuing the notation of the previous chapter "DE-SCRIBE", the artist, who has been prevented from exhibiting with all his might, outputs a script that asks the cause of this situation (=Ascribe) remotely from his residence under the restriction of the declaration of a state of emergency, and fills the walls of the gallery.

The proliferation of scripts will be recorded in the venue, where no one but the installer, the gallery owner, is present, and will be shared on the artist's website, the gallery's website, and various social networking services.




Date: Fri. 17, April – Sun. 17, Mey

Closing Time: 0:00 - 24:00

Venue: Gallery Muryow

Address: 〒932-0315 Shimeno 233, Shogawa-machi, Tonami, Toyama, JPN

Phone Number: +81763822214

Closing Day: Mon - Sun

Entry: Proscribed




Twitter: @murataart

Instagram: @murataart

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